The Hotel location is an important advantage for the tourist: It’s few minutes from Hanga Roa main street and next to the airport, which allows you to maximize the precious time of your stay on the island.


What type of clothing to bring?
During the winter is recommended to have warm light clothing, and in summer a light jacket, good walking shoes and of course the bathing suite.

Is it visa required?
Like the rest of the Chilean territory, no visa is required.

What is the best time to travel?
If you want sun and beach, together with the traditional festival Tapati Rapa Nui, it is recommended to come in January or February; but if you are looking for beach and culture, is better to come in October, November, December, March or April. During the winter it usually rains but is not cold. More information: weather information of Eastern Island whit monthly averages.

How many months ahead the reservation must be done?
It depends on the time of the year, for January and February (high) it is recommended to make reservations at least 6 months ahead, otherwise, availability is not guaranteed.

What are the prices?
Prices and general conditions are found here.

The Hotel is the best spot to exit/arrive from the main excursions around the Island, because is located on the main road of the archaeological route.

How to get to the island

There are daily flights every day from Santiago de Chile to Easter Island, you can search for air tickets on LATAM.COM.

Weather in Easter Island
Click here for current conditions and weather forecast.