The Hotel Manutara has all the facilities you need upon arriving at your destination: a beautiful swimming pool, refreshing tropical gardens, car rental at the doorstep, and high-quality tourist services.

Our comfortable rooms are surrounded by a tranquil and intimate atmosphere that ensures both rest and proximity to all points of interest. All our guests enjoy hot water, television, and telephone. Additionally, a wide range of services completes the options to enjoy the island at your own pace.


Committed to the island

The Hotel Manutara is committed to environmentally sustainable management of its various processes, as confirmed in the “Clean Production Agreement” signed in December 2006 by the best hotels and restaurants on Easter Island.

This agreement incorporates sustainable management in daily activities such as the disposal of solid waste without environmental impact, efficient use of water and energy, and the care of hygiene and safety, as key elements to contribute to the clean development of tourist businesses and the delicate ecosystem of Rapa Nui.